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madrid oder mailand

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Milan is located in the north-western section of the Po Valley , approximately halfway between the river Po to the south and the foothills of the Alps with the great lakes Lake Como , Lake Maggiore , Lake Lugano to the north, the Ticino river to the west and the Adda to the east.

The concentric layout of the city centre reflects the Navigli , an ancient system of navigable and interconnected canals, now mostly covered. The Alps and Apennine Mountains form a natural barrier that protects the city from the major circulations coming from northern Europe and the sea.

The city is often shrouded in heavy fog, although the removal of rice paddies from the southern neighbourhoods and the urban heat island effect have reduced this occurrence in recent decades.

Occasionally, the Foehn winds cause the temperatures to rise unexpectedly: In the spring, gale-force windstorms may happen, generated either by Tramontane blowing from the Alps or by Bora -like winds from the north.

The legislative body of the municipality is the City Council Consiglio Comunale , which in cities with more than one million population is composed by 48 councillors elected every five years with a proportional system, contextually to the mayoral elections.

The executive body is the City Committee Giunta Comunale , composed by 12 assessors , that is nominated and presided over by a directly elected Mayor.

The current mayor of Milan is Giuseppe Sala , a left-wing independent leading a progressive alliance composed by Democratic Party and Italian Left. The municipality of Milan is subdivided into nine administrative Borough Councils Consigli di Municipio , down from the former twenty districts before the administrative reform.

The urban organisation is governed by the Italian Constitution art. Milan is the capital of the eponymous Metropolitan city and of Lombardy , one of the twenty regions of Italy.

While the Metropolitan city of Milan has a population of 3,,, making it the second-most populated metropolitan city of Italy after Rome, Lombardy is by far the most populated region of Italy, with more than ten million inhabitants, almost one sixth of the national total.

The seat of the regional government is Palazzo Lombardia that, standing at Milan is divided into 9 boroughs.

Since 21 June Giuseppe Sala , as mayor of the capital city, has been the mayor of the Metropolitan City. The tallest buildings include the Unicredit Tower at m though only m without the tower , and the m Allianz Tower , which has 50 floors.

There are only few remains of the ancient Roman colony, notably the well-preserved Colonne di San Lorenzo. During the second half of the 4th century, Saint Ambrose , as bishop of Milan, had a strong influence on the layout of the city, reshaping the centre although the cathedral and baptistery built in Roman times are now lost and building the great basilicas at the city gates: The gilt bronze statue of the Virgin Mary , placed in on the highest pinnacle of the Duomo, soon became one of the most enduring symbols of Milan.

In the 15th century, when the Sforza ruled the city, an old Viscontean fortress was enlarged and embellished to become the Castello Sforzesco , the seat of an elegant Renaissance court surrounded by a walled hunting park.

Notable architects involved in the project included the Florentine Filarete , who was commissioned to build the high central entrance tower, and the military specialist Bartolomeo Gadio.

Not only did they impose themselves as moral guides to the people of Milan, but they also gave a great impulse to culture, with the creation of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana , in a building designed by Francesco Maria Ricchino , and the nearby Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

Many notable churches and Baroque mansions were built in the city during this period by the architects, Pellegrino Tibaldi , Galeazzo Alessi and Ricchino himself.

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria was responsible for the significant renovations carried out in Milan during the 18th century. The late s Palazzo Belgioioso by Giuseppe Piermarini and Royal Villa of Milan by Leopoldo Pollack , later the official residence of Austrian viceroys, are often regarded among the best examples of Neoclassical architecture in Lombardy.

In the second half of the 19th century, Milan quickly became the main industrial centre in of the new Italian nation, drawing inspiration from the great European capitals that were hubs of the second industrial revolution.

Another lateth-century eclectic monument in the city is the Cimitero Monumentale graveyard, built in a Neo-Romanesque style between and The tumultuous period of early 20th century brought several, radical innovations in Milanese architecture.

Art Nouveau , also known as Liberty in Italy, is recognisable in Palazzo Castiglioni , built by architect Giuseppe Sommaruga between and The post—World War II period saw rapid reconstruction and fast economic growth, accompanied by a nearly two-fold increase in population.

In recent years, de-industrialization, urban decay and gentrification led to a vast urban renewal of former industrial areas, that have been transformed into modern residential and financial districts, notably Porta Nuova in downtown Milan and FieraMilano in the suburb of Rho.

In addition, the old exhibition area is being completely reshaped according to the Citylife regeneration project, featuring residencial areas, museums, an urban park and three skyscrapers designed by international architects, and after whom they are named: The largest parks in the central area of Milan are Sempione Park , at the north-western edge, and Montanelli Gardens , situated northeast of the city.

English-style Sempione Park, built in , contains a Napoleonic Arena, the Milan City Aquarium, a steel lattice panoramic tower, an art exhibition centre, a Japanese garden and a public library.

Since , the farmlands and woodlands north Parco Nord Milano and south Parco Agricolo Sud Milano of the urban area have been protected as regional parks.

West of the city, the Parco delle Cave Sand pit park has been established on a neglected site where gravel and sand used to be extracted, featuring artificial lakes and woods.

With rapid industrialisation in post-war years, the population of Milan peaked at 1,, in There were an estimated 1,, official residents in the municipality of Milan at the end of [91] and 3,, in its province-level municipality.

These figures suggest that the immigrant population has more than doubled in the last 15 years. Decades of continuing high immigration have made the city the most cosmopolitan and multicultural in Italy.

Milan notably hosts the oldest and largest Chinese community in Italy, with almost 21, people in It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milan.

The city is also home to sizeable Orthodox , [] Buddhist , [] Jewish , [] Muslim , [] [] and Protestant [] [] communities.

Milan has its own historic Catholic rite known as the Ambrosian Rite Italian: It varies slightly from the typical Catholic rite the Roman , used in all other western regions , with some differences in the liturgy and mass celebrations, in the Canons are Easter and Lent, in the colour of liturgical vestments, peculiar use of incense, marriage form, office for the dead, baptism by immersion, and in the calendar for example, the date for the beginning of lent is celebrated some days after the common date, so the carnival has different date.

The season of Advent is of six weeks duration and starts on the Sunday after the feast of Saint Martin 11 November. The Ambrosian rite is also practised in other surrounding locations in Lombardy, parts of Piedmont and in the Swiss canton of Ticino.

The sounding of church bells uses a peculiar technique. Another important difference concerns the liturgical music. The Gregorian chant was completely unused in Milan and surrounding areas, because the official one was its own Ambrosian chant , definitively established by the Council of Trent — and earlier than the Gregorian.

The Milan Synagogue was designed by Luca Beltrami in In the construction of the Mosque of Segrate was completed. This was the first mosque with a dome and minaret in Italy since the destruction of the last mosques of Lucera in In the City Council agreed on the construction of another mosque next to the area of the former sport venue Palatrussardi.

Milan is, since the late s, an important industrial and manufacturing center, especially for the automotive industry, with companies such as Alfa Romeo , Pirelli and Techint having a significant presence in the city.

The city is home to a large number of media and advertising agencies, national newspapers and telecommunication companies, including both the public service broadcaster RAI and private television companies like Mediaset , La7 and Sky Italia.

Milan has also seen a rapid increase in internet companies with both domestic and international companies such as Altavista , Google , Lycos , Virgilio and Yahoo!

The Associazione Bancaria Italiana representing the Italian banking system and Milan Stock Exchange companies listed on the stock exchange are both located in the city.

Milan is a major world fashion centre, where the sector can count on 12, companies, show rooms, and 6, sales outlets with brands such as Armani , Prada , Versace , Valentino and Luxottica , while four weeks a year are dedicated to top shows and other fashion events.

The city successfully hosted Expo Porta Nuova is the main business district of Milan, and one of the most important in Italy. Milan is home to many cultural institutions, museums and art galleries, that account for about a tenth of the national total of visitors and receipts.

It contains one of the foremost collections of Italian painting, including masterpieces such as the Brera Madonna by Piero della Francesca. Leonardo worked in Milan from until The city was affected by the Baroque in the 17th and 18th centuries, and hosted numerous formidable artists, architects and painters of that period, such as Caravaggio and Francesco Hayez , which several important works are hosted in Brera Academy.

It hosts exhibitions and events highlighting contemporary Italian design, urban planning, architecture, music, and media arts, emphasising the relationship between art and industry.

Milan in the 20th century was the epicentre of the Futurist artistic movement. Umberto Boccioni was also an important Futurism artist who worked in the city.

Today, Milan remains a major international hub of modern and contemporary art, with numerous modern art galleries. The Modern Art Gallery , situated in the Royal Villa, hosts collections of Italian and European painting from the 18th to the early 20th centuries.

In the early s architect David Chipperfield was invited to convert the premises of the former Ansaldo Factory into a Museum.

A new section was opened in the Palazzo della Banca Commerciale Italiana in Other private ventures dedicated to contemporary art include the exhibiting spaces of the Prada Foundation and HangarBicocca.

The Nicola Trussardi Foundation is renewed for organising temporary exhibition in venues around the city. Milan is a major national and international centre of the performing arts, most notably opera.

The city is also the seat of a renowned symphony orchestra and musical conservatory , and has been, throughout history, a major centre for musical composition: Milan is widely regarded as a global capital in industrial design, fashion and architecture.

Milan is also regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world, along with New York City , Paris , and London. Numerous international fashion labels also operate shops in Milan.

Furthermore, the city hosts the Milan Fashion Week twice a year, one of the most important events in the international fashion system.

In the late 18th century, and throughout the 19th, Milan was an important centre for intellectual discussion and literary creativity.

The Enlightenment found here a fertile ground. In the first years of the 19th century, the ideals of the Romantic movement made their impact on the cultural life of the city and its major writers debated the primacy of Classical versus Romantic poetry.

Here, too, Giuseppe Parini , and Ugo Foscolo published their most important works, and were admired by younger poets as masters of ethics, as well as of literary craftsmanship.

In the third decade of the 19th century, Alessandro Manzoni wrote his novel I Promessi Sposi , considered the manifesto of Italian Romanticism, which found in Milan its centre; in the same period Carlo Porta , reputed the most renowned local vernacular poet, wrote his poems in Lombard Language.

The periodical Il Conciliatore published articles by Silvio Pellico , Giovanni Berchet , Ludovico di Breme , who were both Romantic in poetry and patriotic in politics.

After the Unification of Italy in , Milan lost its political importance; nevertheless it retained a sort of central position in cultural debates.

New ideas and movements from other countries of Europe were accepted and discussed: The greatest verista novelist, Giovanni Verga , was born in Sicily but wrote his most important books in Milan.

In addition to Italian, approximately 2 million people in the Milan metropolitan area can speak the Milanese dialect or one of its Western Lombard variations.

Milan is an important national and international media centre. Corriere della Sera , founded in , is one of the oldest Italian newspapers, and it is published by Rizzoli , as well as La Gazzetta dello Sport , a daily dedicated to coverage of various sports and currently considered the most widely read daily newspaper in Italy.

Free daily newspapers include Leggo and Metro. Like most cities in Italy, Milan has developed its own local culinary tradition, which, as it is typical for North Italian cuisines, uses more frequently rice than pasta , butter than vegetable oil and features almost no tomato or fish.

Milanese traditional dishes includes cotoletta alla milanese , a breaded veal pork and turkey can be used cutlet pan-fried in butter similar to Viennese Wiener Schnitzel.

Other typical dishes are cassoeula stewed pork rib chops and sausage with Savoy cabbage , ossobuco braised veal shank served with a condiment called gremolata , risotto alla milanese with saffron and beef marrow , busecca stewed tripe with beans , and brasato stewed beef or pork with wine and potatoes.

The salame Milano , a salami with a very fine grain, is widespread throughout Italy. Renowned Milanese cheeses are gorgonzola from the namesake village nearby , mascarpone , used in pastry-making, taleggio and quartirolo.

With a combined ten Champions League titles, Milan is second after Madrid as city that have won the most European Cups. They are one of the most successful clubs in the world of football in terms of international trophies.

Both teams play at the UEFA 5-star-rated Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, more commonly known as the San Siro , that is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, with a seating capacity of over 80, A third team, Brera Calcio F.

There are currently four professional Lega Basket clubs in Milan: The team play at the Mediolanum Forum , with a capacity of 12, where it has been hosted the final of the —14 Euroleague.

In some cases the team play also at the PalaDesio , with a capacity of 6, Rhinos Milano , that won 4 Italian Super Bowls. The team play at the Velodromo Vigorelli , with a capacity of 8, Milan has also two cricket teams, Milano Fiori currently competing in the second division and Kingsgrove Milan, who won the Serie A championship in Amatori Rugby Milano , the most titled rugby team in Italy, was founded in Milan in The world-famous Monza Formula One circuit is located near the city, inside a suburban park.

The capacity for the F1 races is currently of over , It has hosted an F1 race nearly every year since the first year of competition, with the exception of In road cycling , Milan hosts the start of the annual Milan—San Remo classic one-day race and the annual Milano—Torino one day race.

The "Politecnico" is organised in 16 departments and a network of 9 Schools of engineering, architecture and industrial design spread over 7 campuses in the entire Lombardy region.

The number of students enrolled in all campuses is approximately 42,, which makes Politecnico the largest technical university in Italy.

The State University of Milan , founded in , is the largest public teaching and research university in the city, with 9 faculties, 58 departments, 48 institutes and a teaching staff of 2, professors.

Bocconi University is a private management and finance school established in , ranking as the seventh best business school in Europe;.

The University of Milan Bicocca is a comprehensive public university founded in attended by more than 30, enrolled students; [].

Other prominent universities are: Milan is also well known for its fine arts and music schools. Azienda Trasporti Milanesi ATM is the statutory corporation responsible for the transport network in Milan; it operates 4 metro lines Milan Metro , 18 tram lines , 67 urban bus lines, 4 trolleybus lines, and 52 interurban bus lines, carrying over million passengers in Milan Metro is the rapid transit system serving the city and surrounding municipalities.

The Milan suburban railway service , operated by Trenord , comprises 12 lines and connects the metropolitan area with the city centre through the Milan Passerby underground railway.

Commonly referred to as "il Passante", it has a train running every 6 minutes, functioning as a subway line with full transferability to the Milan Metro.

Milan Central station is the second station in Italy both for size and passengers after Rome. Further high-speed lines are under construction towards Genoa and Verona.

Since , a new company, Trenord , operates both Trenitalia and LeNord regional trains in Lombardy , carrying over , passengers on more than 50 routes every day.

Milan has also taxi services operated by private companies and licensed by the City council of Milan. The city is also a key node for the national road network, being served by all the major highways of Northern Italy.

Numerous long-distance bus lines link Milan with many other cities and towns in Lombardy and throughout Italy. The Milan metropolitan area is served by three international airports , with a grand total of about 47 million passengers served in The partnership with the city of St.

Petersburg , Russia , that started in , was suspended in a decision taken by the city of Milan , because of the prohibition of the Russian government on " homosexual propaganda".

Milan has the following collaborations: People awarded the honorary citizenship of Milan are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Milano disambiguation and Milan disambiguation. History of Milan and Timeline of Milan. List of buildings in Milan and Villas and palaces in Milan.

Tourism in Milan and List of museums in Milan. List of twin towns and sister cities in Italy. Milan portal Italy portal European Union portal.

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Ich lache immer noch…. Die nächste Finanzkrise geht vermutlich nicht von den Banken aus: Deshalb sind Schalke 04 und Borussia Dortmund aber keine Option. Zu 50 Prozent stehen wir im Viertelfinale, aber die halbe Miete ist das noch lange nicht! Ein Profi ist mittlerweile zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit in der Lage, ein glühendes Bekenntnis zu dem Verein abzulegen, in dem er gerade mal spielt. Guckt da Andy mal vorbei?

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